About Us

The prime motivation of our lab is to challenge the forefront of science and technology. We strive to pursue solid experimental work in addition to theoretical modeling. Our research focuses on the interaction of light with nanostructures that leads to exotic electromagnetic properties, which could be applied to the field of metamaterials, plasmonics, electronics, photonics, energy, acoustics, imaging, sensing and biology.

  • Nat. Comm., Aug 2015
  • Phys. Rev. Lett., Jul 2015
  • Nat. Comm, Jun 2015
  • Nature Materials, Apr 2015
  • PNAS, Apr 2015
  • Physical Review Letters, Dec 2014

Recent Publications

H. Cang, A. Salandrino, Y. Wang & X. Zhang, "Adiabatic far-field sub-diffraction imaging." Nature Communications, 6, 2015.
Y. Wang, Z. Du, Y. Park, C. Chen, X. Zhang & L. Pan, "Quasi-3D plasmonic coupling scheme for near-field optical lithography and imaging." Optics Letters, 40, 2015.
P. K. Jha, X. Ni, C. Wu, Y. Wang & X. Zhang, "Metasurface-Enabled Remote Quantum Interference." Physical Review Letters, 115, 2015.
M. Mrejen, H. Suchowski, T. Hatakeyama, C. Wu, L. Feng, K. O'Brien, Y. Wang & X. Zhang, "Adiabatic elimination-based coupling control in densely packed subwavelength waveguides." Nature Communications, 6, 2015.
K. O'Brien, H. Suchowski, J. Rho, A. Salandrino, B. Kante, X. Yin & X. Zhang, "Predicting nonlinear properties of metamaterials from the linear response." Nature Materials, 14, 2015.

More Publications

Lab News

Aug 2015: Kevin has won the "Best Oral Presentation" award at NLO 2015. Samantha (Xuexin) and Lin won the first and second place poster awards at the Metamaterials Science & Technology Workshop. Zi Jing has won the "Best Student Paper" award at SPIE.

Jun 2015: Our work on adiabatic elimination has been covered by LBL news, Phys.org and Nanowerk and The Daily Californian.

May 2015: Our alum Dr. Boubacar Kante has been awarded the UCSD Hellman Fellowship.

Apr 2015: Zi Jing has won the Gold MRS Graduate Student Award and Sui has been awarded the Outstanding Overseas Student Award by the Chinese government.

Feb 2015: Our work in Nature Materials was featured in LBL News.

Jan 2015: Our alum Dr. Ziliang Ye was the recipient of the 2014 Kavli ENSI Thesis Prize.

Dec 2014: LBL News has highlighted our work on piezoelectricity in MoS2.

Nov 2014: Our optical metamaterial paper was featured in Science Daily and Phys.org and LBL news