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The prime motivation of our lab is to challenge the forefront of science and technology. We strive to pursue solid experimental work in addition to theoretical modeling. Our research focuses on the interaction of light with nanostructures that leads to exotic electromagnetic properties, which could be applied to the field of metamaterials, plasmonics, electronics, photonics, energy, acoustics, imaging, sensing and biology.

  • Science, Dec 2013
  • Scientific Reports, April 2013
  • Science, March 2013
  • Nature Materials, February 2013
  • Nature communications, November 2012

Recent Publications

[237]Liang Feng, Xuefeng Zhu, Sui Yang, Hanyu Zhu, Peng Zhang, Xiaobo Yin, Yuan Wang, Xiang Zhang, "Demonstration of a large-scale optical exceptional point structure", Optics Express, 22, 2.
[236]Zheng-Gao Dong, Jie Zhu, Xiaobo Yin, Jiaqi Li, Changgui Lu, and Xiang Zhang, "All-optical Hall effect by the dynamic toroidal moment in a cavity-based metamaterial", Physical Review B, 87, 245429.
[235]Anna Labno, Ajithkumar Warrier, Sheng Wang, Xiang Zhang, "Local Plasticity of Dendritic Excitability Can Be Autonomous of Synaptic Plasticity and Regulated by Activity-Based Phosphorylation of Kv4.2", PLOS One, 9, 1.
[234]Shaomin Xiong, Jeongmin Kim, Yuan Wang, Xiang Zhang, David Bogy, "A two-stage heating scheme for heat assisted magnetic recording", Journal of Applied Physics, 115, 17B702.
[233]Hu Cang, Yongmin Liu, Yuan Wang, Xiaobo Yin, and Xiang Zhang, "Giant Suppression of Photobleaching for Single Molecule Detection via the Purcell Effect", Nano Letters, 13 (12), 5949-5953.

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Lab News

Mar 2013: Hamidreza Ramezani, won the "Biruni" 2014 Graduate Student Research Award. This award is given to promote and recognize outstanding research by a physics graduate student of Iranian heritage studying in a US institution of higher education.

Jan 2014: Shaomin has received the Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad from the Chinese Ministry of Education.

Jan 2014: Prof. Volker Sorger has recieved the AFOSR award. This award is given to conduct research on nanophotonics devices with capabilities beyond classical photonics limits.

Dec 2013: Our recent work in Science was featured by LBL News, Science's research highlights, and Photonics.com

Dec 2013: Our recent work in Science was featured by LBL News, Science's research highlights, and Photonics.com

Aug 2013: Our alums, Profs. Zhaowei Liu and Sheng Shen, have both received the 2013 DARPA Young Faculty Award.

Jun 2013: Our alum, Prof. Hu Cang, has received the Ellison Medical Foundation New Scholar in Aging.

Jun 2013: Jun has received the Incubic & Milton Chang award at CLEO.

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