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The prime motivation of our lab is to challenge the forefront of science and technology. We strive to pursue solid experimental work in addition to theoretical modeling. Our research focuses on the interaction of light with nanostructures that leads to exotic electromagnetic properties, which could be applied to the field of metamaterials, plasmonics, electronics, photonics, energy, acoustics, imaging, sensing and biology.

  • PRL, October 2014
  • Nature, August 2014
  • Nature Nanotechnology, July 2014
  • Nature Communications, July 2014
  • Nature Communications, June 2014
  • Science, May 2014

Recent Publications

[253]Kevin O’Brien, Chris Macklin, Irfan Siddiqi, and Xiang Zhang, "Resonant Phase Matching of Josephson Junction Traveling Wave Parametric Amplifiers", Physical Review Letters, 113, 157001.
[252]Pankaj K. Jha, Michael Mrejen, Jeongmin Kim, Chihhui Wu, Xiaobo Yin, Yuan Wang and Xiang Zhang, "Interacting dark resonances with plasmonic meta-molecules", Applied Physics Letters, 105, 111109.
[251]Carissa N. Eisler, Ze’ev R. Abrams, Matthew T. Sheldon, Xiang Zhang and Harry A. Atwater, "Multijunction solar cell efficiencies: effect of spectral window, optical environment and radiative coupling", Energy & Environmental Science, Advanced online.
[250]Xuefeng Zhu, Hamidreza Ramezani, Chengzhi Shi, Jie Zhu, and Xiang Zhang, "PT-Symmetric Acoustics", Physical Review X, 4, 031042.
[249]Ziliang Ye, Ting Cao, Kevin O’Brien, Hanyu Zhu, Xiaobo Yin, Yuan Wang, Steven G. Louie & Xiang Zhang, "Probing excitonic dark states in single-layer tungsten disulphide", Nature, 513, 214-218.

More Publications

Lab News

Sep 2014: Our work on TMDC excitons was featured by LBL news.

Aug 2014: Our work on acoustic bottle beams was featured by LBL news.

July 2014: Our recent work in Nature Nano was featured by the UC Berkeley news center, Optics and Photonics News, Azosensors, Nanotechweb, and KTVU.

Jun 2014: Prof. Zhang was appointed division director for materials science at LBNL and has been selected receive the 2014 Nancy DeLoye Fitzroy and Roland V. Fitzroy Medal "for pioneering contributions in metamaterials and the creation of the first optical superlens to overcome the fundamental diffraction limit in imaging; and for the invention of plasmonic lithography technology that enabled nanoscale manufacturing, which is important for microelectronics and data storage applications."

Jun 2014: Kevin has received an honorable mention for the Maiman award at CLEO.

May 2014: Our recent work in Science was featured in the LBL News.

Mar 2014: Hamidreza Ramezani, won the "Biruni" 2014 Graduate Student Research Award. This award is given to promote and recognize outstanding research by a physics graduate student of Iranian heritage studying in a US institution of higher education.

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