About Us

The prime motivation of our lab is to challenge the forefront of science and technology. We strive to pursue solid experimental work in addition to theoretical modeling. Our research focuses on the interaction of light with nanostructures that leads to exotic electromagnetic properties, which could be applied to the field of metamaterials, plasmonics, electronics, photonics, energy, acoustics, imaging, sensing and biology.

  • Physical Review Letters, Dec 2014
  • Nature Nanotechnology, Dec 2014
  • Scientific Reports, December 2014
  • Nature Nano, November 2014
  • Science, October 2014
  • PRL, October 2014

Recent Publications

[262]Pavel Kolchin, Nitipat Pholchai, Maiken H. Mikkelsen, Jinyong Oh, Sadao Ota, M. Saif Islam, Xiaobo Yin, and Xiang Zhang, "High Purcell Factor Due to Coupling of a Single Emitter to a Dielectric Slot Waveguide", Nano Letters, 15 (1).
[261]Hamidreza Ramezani, Hao-Kun Li, Yuan Wang, and Xiang Zhang, "Unidirectional Spectral Singularities", Physical Review Letters, 113, 263905.
[260]Hanyu Zhu, Yuan Wang, Jun Xiao, Ming Liu, Shaomin Xiong, Zi Jing Wong, Ziliang Ye, Yu Ye, Xiaobo Yin & Xiang Zhang, "Observation of piezoelectricity in free-standing monolayer MoS2", Nature Nanotechnology, AOP.
[259]Lorenzo Ferraria, Chihhui Wu, Dominic Lepaged, Xiang Zhang, Zhaowei Liu, "Hyperbolic metamaterials and their applications", Progress in Quantum Electronics, AOP.
[258]Tongcang Li, Sadao Ota, Jeongmin Kim, Zi Jing Wong, Yuan Wang, Xiaobo Yin & Xiang Zhang, "Axial Plane Optical Microscopy", Scientific Reports, 4, 7253.

More Publications

Lab News

Jan 2015: Our alum Dr. Ziliang Ye was the recipient of the 2014 Kavli ENSI Thesis Prize.

Dec 2014: LBL News has highlighted our work on piezoelectricity in MoS2.

Nov 2014: Our optical metamaterial paper was featured in Science Daily and Phys.org and LBL news

Oct 2014: Our single mode laser was both covered by LBL news.

Oct 2014: Our work on Josephson travelling-wave parametric amplifiers was covered by Physics World.

Sep 2014: Our work on TMDC excitons was featured by LBL news.

Aug 2014: Our work on acoustic bottle beams was featured by LBL news.

July 2014: Our recent work in Nature Nano was featured by the UC Berkeley news center, Optics and Photonics News, Azosensors, Nanotechweb, and KTVU.